I didn't receive a confirmation email- did my order go through?

In all likelihood, yes! For some reason the confirmation emails don't make it to everyone (see entry below as well...) or they get sent to peoples' junk, so if you're concerned, shoot me an email or DM and I'll let you know! 

I've tried emailing you but I haven't heard back- are you ignoring me?

Of course not! Something funky has been going on with my Shopify email system, so when in doubt, DM me @wearyoursnacks on Instagram! 

How long until my order ships?

Great question, I'm glad you asked! Typically the max wait time for jewelry to ship out is 2 weeks; clothing drop ships directly from the warehouse so it should ship out within 3-5 days of order placement! If you need a piece by a certain date, reach out and I'll see what I can do!

I ordered clothes, how come I didn't get a sticker?

Because all clothing drop ships directly from the warehouse, I don't have the option to include my stickers, BUT...watch this space, as they say....

What if I like a design but I want it without pearls?

Slide into my DMs or leave me a note in the order! 

What if I like a design but I want it with pearls?

Also slide into my DMs or leave me a note in the order! 

How long are bracelets? What about anklets? And mask chains?

Bracelets are typically 6.5", anklets are 9.5" and mask chains are 22"

What's the difference between bracelets and anklets?

Bracelets are clasped, anklets are not!

Why are bracelets (with a few exceptions) the only styles available with flowers?

Because the beading thread required for necklaces/anklets/mask chains with flowers is not as sturdy as I'm comfortable with, and I want only the best for my sweet customers! Bracelets are made with elastic which lends itself nicely to flowers :)

Can I get a discount?

Yes! If you buy 3 or more bracelets, you get $5 off with the code SNACKPACK

Do you do wholesale?

YES! Reach out via email- info@wearyoursnacks.com or DM @wearyoursnacks!

Do you want to collaborate with a chic and fun individual or brand?

Absolutely! Reach out via email- info@wearyoursnacks.com or DM @wearyoursnacks!

Product info/materials:

Beads: Czech glass seed beads, metal seed beads, acrylic letter beads, freshwater pearls

Stringing Materials: bracelets use elastic, necklaces/anklets/mask chains use beading wire

Clasps/Clips: bracelets are tied, necklaces and anklets are clasped with metal spring rings, and mask chains are finished with metal alligator clips