hi! i’m evy, owner/founder/CSO (chief snack officer) of Wear Your Snacks
i started this as a project to keep busy during lockdown, having just graduated with a degree in media studies and literally zero job prospects. before WYS, i kept busy matching my makeup and sweaters to my beverages (see image)
thanks to your sweet, food loving faces, i’ve been able to turn this silly idea into a full blown biz AND raise money for some amazing organizations!
in case you were wondering, my favorite snack is a big ole spoon full of chunky peanut butter (Smucker’s Natural, if you must know) with a lil extra salt on top. but if we’re talking seasonal, it’s a perfect summer tomato slathered in mayo (Hellman’s!) with salt and too much pepper. and maybe an anchovy if i’m feeling wild
my drink of choice is a dirty (like, x-rated) martini (gin only in this household!) OR tequila on the rocks with a pinch of salt
my level of gratitude for everyone who’s ordered a snack is higher than the level of sodium in my bloodstream, which, judging by my aforementioned snack preferences, is astronomically high❣️
xx evy